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Data Connectivity and Insights

Methane and carbon data mean more when connected to operational and purchasing data. We are your solution for data fusion, data scenario analysis, and data integration. We are also available for review and auditing of emissions data for government or companies.

Regulatory Approach and Impacts Analysis

Develop a streamlined and efficient approach across regulatory jurisdictions. Assess the cost impacts of regulatory changes in the emissions space. As regulatory experts we understand these problems and use emission simulation models to evaluate scenarios and help you map a path forward.

Sustainability Technoeconomics

How can you be more efficient and perform better? Where and how should you invest in carbon reductions? We understand the economics of implementation, and can provide you with a cost-effective path to performance.

Technology Roadmaps and Assessment

We are world experts in the field of methane detection technology development, application, and assessment. How do you use and trust technology? How can technologies work together? We help you identify and adopt the right solutions, and develop the right data quality indicators.

Carbon Solutions for Environment, Social & Corporate Governance

ESG is a boardroom issue for organizations of all types. In particular, carbon intensity management is increasingly rewarded by stakeholders and investors. We develop and implement carbon strategies, including cost-effective tracking and monitoring for transparency. We adapt existing scenarios and pathways with newly identified risks and opportunities to inform your strategic plan, or model various strategies to help you achieve your corporate targets.

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