Arolytics welcomes three summer interns, Harry, Dina & Marc. 

Introducing Harry:

Harry Chen recently joined our team as Jr. Software Developer Intern. He recently completed his third year of a combined Bachelor in Economics and Computer Science at the University of Calgary. In the past, Harry interned with a health startup which has given him broad experience in different areas of programming. He eagerly joined our western Canada team and is currently running tests and contributing to the development of AROviz.

Introducing Dina:

Dina Shoham recently joined the Arolytics team after completing her third year of Software Engineering at McGill University. She is based in Montreal and has been helping to automate our AROfemp methane model services while also contributing to the development of AROviz. Dina is incredibly passionate about technology and software that advances sustainability, which means she fits right in at Arolytics.

Introducing Marc:

Marc Yegani recently joined the Arolytics team as a Content Writer Intern. Marc is a graduate student at the University of Toronto with a Masters in Science and Sustainability Management. He has broad experience working with ESG-focused startups as a content writer and marketing strategist. He is based in Toronto and has a passion for transforming technical articles to informative and impactful content. Marc is eager to communicate our area of expertise through articles and creative marketing strategies.

Welcome to the team Harry, Dina & Marc!